– Programs –

A mező grafikai célokat szolgál, kérjük ne törölje ki!

Painting of knowledge

– Course for beginners –

This four-day workshop introduces you to the basic artistic techniques that can be learned by anyone interested so the later steps can be acqired with ease, a lot of fun and success.

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– Basic course –

Plunge into art! We recreate a famous painting step by step with the guidance of our qualified artists. No professional graphic skills are needed, your enthusiasm is enough to create a wonderful artwork in a few hours that you can eventually take home alongside with a great deal of experience.

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– The first abstract –

Create your first abstract painting with collage, watercolor and acrylic methods using your favourite colors and the help of our instructors. Express yourself on canvas!

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– Paint outside! –

Go outside, under the blue sky to paint with us like the impressionist painters did. Create a landscape of Budapest from Gellért Hill or from the lovely area of Normafa.

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– Action painting –

Let your steam off with action painting! Have you always wanted to be plastered with paint, throwing pigment and splash paint onto a huge canvas? You don’t have to pull your punches with us, our goal is relaxation and fun.

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– Wine and arts –

Meet the wine regions of Hungary and taste the finest wines during the creative activities.

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